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Seven Gates is a Turkiye-based niche perfume brand founded in 2021 Taking its inspiration from the

modern art and social formations, the brand aims to combine digital art and fragrance experience.

In the design process for Seven Gates, this was established with the awareness that works of art that

inspire emotions deserve the highest quality raw materials. Perfumers and artists have unlimited

freedom to express creativity and create unique compositions. Aiming to bring together perfume

lovers with a holistic experience by combining designs with visuals, Seven Gates' "Duality Collection"

depicts the duality of matter-spirit.

Duality is a concept that means there are two opposing forces in every existence. “Duality Collection”

states that every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposing and competing

forces, but these forces are not just opposing; It is based on being complementary. For Seven Gates,

duality is the strongest emotion provoked by impulses.

In addition to being wearable in the real world, Seven Gates offers its user the experience of carrying

a work of art; aims to bring together unique designs with unique spirits with an innovative vision.

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