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Crimson skins seek each other out leaving an intoxicating trail throughout the infinite space.

Immortal Shade is a surrounding reinterpretation of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss". Conceptualizing the dual and symbiotic form of self and significant other...


The composition excessively delineates steaming passionate love in the metaverse.

The mouth watering vanilla evokes the concept of "sharing" while greedy and bitter immortelle note refers to poetic expression of immortal love. With a mysterious dusty and boozy feeling, Immortal Shade is a powerful take on a Madagascar Vanilla darkened by black tea and immortelle with an intense smoky facet of tobacco and birch. A creamy harmony, a tender and seductive composition surrounded by a shell of love.

Extrait de Parfum

Clary Sage, Myrrh

Orris, Vetiver, Black Tea


Vanilla Absoulute Madagascar, Birch, Amber, Tobacco, Cedarwood


The world is running out of colors...

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