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Silky iris and slightly sweet / woody

Floral / Powdery / Woody

Opens with voluptuous bouquet of cognac, a lingering veil of iris represents a preternaturally gifted aura. The harmony of earthy vetiver and creamy sandalwood infused with incense and vanilla extract gives the iris flower a unique powdery texture. Heroine is a powerful yet delicate perfume that is part of the skin to celebrate all the sensuality and confidence concentrates on the dark and mystical side of the iris.

Heroine takes its inspiration from women who overcame adversity, broke through barriers and in doing so, making the world a better place. Her name can be Frida, Sabiha or Mahsa... The composition built around the strength and energy associated with female empowerment. Sparkling and exotic character describes the duality of being both fragile and predatory.


Delicate spirits can definitely change the world!


The world is running out of colors...


byKoray Sevinç


Eau de Parfum

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