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Satyr is violent energetic. Represents a life spent chasing the beautiful nature spirits. It is inevitable to be deceived by his corrupt courtesy!

Fragrance Notes

Cannabis modern fujer
Aromatic Woody / Fujer

The unique piece takes its inspiration from classic compositions with a touch of smoky cannabis accord soothed by a dualistic background of creamy sandalwood and ambery leather. Satyr is a gentleman adopted to modern city life trying to hide his mythological horns and hoof.

As the smell of fern doesn’t exist, Saty’s take on a classic Fougère type consist of a combination of contrasting notes. The composition characterised by a contrast between a fresh lavender accord and a woody-vetiver base, the opulent heart is anchored by leather and smokey patchouli. Satyr is a vigilant and nuanced composition conjuring warm, ambitious skin under a tailored suit.

Ginger, Lavender, Pink Pepper, Cannabis


Smoky, Patchouli, Olibanum, Leather


Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver, Cedarwood


Eau de Parfum

The world is running out of colors...

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