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Seaweed, Cypress, Grapfruit

Incense, Myrrh, Black Pepper

Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber


Eau de Parfum


Fragrance Notes

Grapefruit and moss incense and cedar / creamy spice

Woody / Spicy

Collithereum is the land of duality reflecting the evident and latent worlds collide. It is a woody

metaphor of self-construal. Ingeniously blended seaweed and cypress combination boosted by a

spicy touch of black pepper evokes faraway destinations while exploding incense and myrrh become

ticket to the journey to the inner world.


Spiritual accords associated with cedarwood and patchouli

add a counterpoint to this full-bodied and complex statue. Standing still grapefruit and vetiver are

always ready for a ticket back to reality.

Whoever you’d become, your inner-self takes an inevitable journey to the roots eventually. There will

always be a bond between the reflection and self. Mostly it is obvious yet ingeniously hidden.

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