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Oriental / Incense / Spicy

Gourmand incense


Tell Something is inspired by the unquenchable thirst for exploration that has driven humanity forward since the beginning of time. From the great sea voyages of Piri Reis, to the cosmic adventures of modern space explorers, this perfume captures the essence of the intrepid spirit that has defined human history.

According to the dual vision of Tell Something; the infinite space is drawn by bold and daring blend of ink, surrounded with electric wires and stormy ocean. Balanced by an ethereal floral layer that brings a sense of beauty and grace to the fragrance, reminding us of the enduring fascination with the unknown. It is a scent that captures the essence of adventure, and the thrill of seeking out the unknown. Just like the vision and tools of Piri Reis; Tell Something is about sea, space, leather and ink combined with earthy florals.

Some have different perspectives. Some of them keep them to themselves, while others share them with others. As we share our thoughts, our existence gains quality. Tell something about yourself, tell something about nature, tell something to create value or better do something for peace.


by The NOZ

Cedarwood, Caramel, Amber


Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Chamomille

Extrait de Parfum

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